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Pepe Cash Card

Pepe cash card will be airdropped into people’s wallets that are owners of “RAREPEPE” today.  Pepe Cash is more plentiful than most rare pepes and can be used sort of like cash.

1 billion have been created and will be distributed between early pepe investors and giveaways.

300 million will be given to owners of ‘RAREPEPE”
200 million will be given to owners of “GOXPEPE” (once sold out)
100 million to owners of “SHITCOINCARD” (once sold out)

the rest will be given away in giveaways on reddit and fb etc.




Rare Trump Pepe

In the spirit of the election year a rare trump pepe has been released.  All previous owners of our rare pepes have had these cards airdropped into their wallets.   All leftovers will be given out  in giveaways.  (psst… it pays to be a rare pepe holder)

If you had your wallet at you would see this appear when you visited.


Asset name: TRUMPRARE



Nakamoto Rare Pepe Card Released

For years people have been trying to find a way to make their rare pepes truly rare.  Now, thanks to bitcoin and counterparty, pepes can be tradeable and can actually have value.

This amazing rare pepe celebrates this amazing accomplishment.   Only 300 of these beautiful works of art will ever exist.


147 @ 1.5 XCP
150@ 2 XCP
3 saved for giveaways. 

No game actually exists yet for these cards so they are mostly for collector value.  Although, they could be imported into games such as Spells of Genesis if they allowed that to happen.

In the future there will be special wallets just devoted to storing and sending your rare pepe images.

To buy, download the Indiesquare app and go to the exchange section.  All sales are done in XCP.  (you can convert via shapeshift in app if you dont have any counterparty and just have Bitcoin).  You can also Buy via the browser based or Counterwallet.

You need to search for the asset by name (RAREPEPE) in the indiesquare wallet, as it does not pop up by default.

Do not wait a minute longer.  Buy yours today and tell your friends about the first truly rare pepe to ever exist.